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My Big Day Exclusive Digipak CD (Signed)

My Big Day Exclusive Digipak CD (Signed)

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British guitar band Bombay Bicycle Club are excited to announce details of their return.

Their sixth album, My Big Day, is released on 20th October 2023. It was produced by vocalist/guitarist Jack Steadman at The Church Studios in North London and then back at the band’s own studio. It features an eclectic host of guest vocalists that perfectly encapsulates the breadth of the band’s widespread appeal.

Damon Albarn, Jay Som, Nilüfer Yanya and Holly Humberstone all lend their voices across the course of the record, with a fifth special guest releasing a song with the band later this Summer.

1. Just A Little More Time
2. I Want To Be Your Only Pet
3. Sleepless (feat. Jay Som)
4. My Big Day
5. Turn The World On
6. Meditate (feat. Nilufer Yanya)
7. Rural Radio Predicts The Rapture
8. Heaven (feat. Damon Albarn)
9. Tekken 2
10. Diving (feat. Holly Humberstone)
11. Onward

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